Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Garden Factory

One of our traditions this time of year is heading to a local store called the Garden Factory.

We always go to stock up on poinsettias for the house and for the kids to have a ball! They have a huge area set up for them with rides, games, crafts, and of course Santa! This year, my Mom came along with us for the first time. She didn't stay the whole time since she had to head back to Buffalo, but I think she enjoyed the time she was there with us!

The girls loved the double seated cart:
And once we got into the holiday area, Avery beelined to see the animals! There were baby pigs:
and goats:
There was also some bunnies, a turkey, and an alpaca!

After that, Avery wanted to go and see the light show that they put on. I took her while my Mom, Gabe and Cassandra did a few rides. Avery and I did this together last year too so I think this will be our "thing" to do!

Here we are waiting for the show to start:

The lights were really pretty through the 3 songs we got to see:

It was a pretty good show!

After that, it was ride time! Well, my Mom and I waited in the Santa line while Gabe took the girls on a few rides. The Santa line was quite long (we waited about 50min!) so I'm glad the girls didn't have to stand there the entire time! I don't think they would have lasted very long! 
Ferris wheel!
Gabe took them on the slide and when they got up there, Avery decided she didn't want to go alone. So, he had them both on his lap!
I took Cass on again and she wasn't a fan-she cried the entire time! Oh well, maybe next year!

After we saw Santa (again, Cassandra was NOT a fan of him either!) it was time to stock up on our poinsettias! The girls were all about picking them out for us too! Especially the little one!
We got probably a dozen of them and it makes the house look so festive!

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