Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Recap

It's been a busy few weeks around here, as I'm sure most of you have experienced as well (hence my lack of posting lately).

Christmas started for us on Saturday the 21st when my Dad and Colleen came out for a visit. We had a nice dinner (I cooked my first spiral ham ever!) and of course exchanged gifts.
Dad, Colleen and the girls

Cassandra loved the box!
Christmas fell just right for me this year. I work on Tues/Wed each week so I ended up having both days off last week for Christmas eve/day. Then this week I only work on New Years Eve. It ended up being 1 day of work over 19days-score! That doesn't happen very often!

Sunday and Monday were relatively normal for us. Just the last minute hustle and bustle of getting everything ready for the big days ahead.

Tuesday (Christmas Eve) we got up, dressed, and headed out the door to Buffalo. My Aunt, Uncle, and friend Renee all came by around the same time. The girls loved holding baby Sabrina!
Cassandra and Sabrina

Avery and Sabrina
Once they left, my cousins came over for dinner and gifts. The girls adore them so they had fun playing and spending time with them! We took advantage and did some quick family shots too!
Cousins-Avery, Taylor, Cassandra, Eddie

My Mom, the girls, and I
After dinner and gifts, Avery and Taylor did some reading:
They left around 7 and we finally did gifts with my Mom and Aunt. Then we headed out around 8:30 to head home for Santa. Luckily both girls fell asleep on the ride home. It took awhile, but they conked out.

Christmas Day I got up first-around 7:45-and started some things for breakfast (hello Trader Joe's chocolate croissants-you are my new love!). Cassandra woke up a little after 8 but happily played in her crib until Avery got up around 8:40. Of course they immediately wanted to see if Santa came! And....he did:
Cassandra bee-lined to the stools and started climbing! Too funny!

Matching PJs
We started gifts, ate breakfast, then finished gifts. The girls had a blast! 

After Cassandra's nap, we headed to my In-Laws' house for dinner and more gifts!
They made their usual awesome dinner of shrimp scampi (chicken for me!) and steak-so good!  Then we did gifts and headed home around 9:30.
Family photo
It was a crazy busy day as always! Here we are almost a week later and I'm both happy and sad that it's over. We have one more big family party on New Year's Day and then we're done! As always, it goes by way too fast! I will be glad when the house gets back to looking normal though-it's just so chaotic with the tree and new toys! 

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and a very Happy New Year coming up!!

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