Thursday, April 28, 2011

Twenty Two Months!

Yesterday, Miss Avery turned 22 months old!

Her eating is still strange. Lately it seems she doesn't want to eat much at all. Every now and then she'll have a really good meal, but they seem to be few these days. Who knows why!

She's still sleeping well-about 11 hours overnight and a nap in the afternoon. She's had a few late nights lately due to her napping later in the day (we wake her up by 5 if she isn't up yet). When she wakes at 5pm, she's just not ready for bed at her usual 7:30/8pm time. So, we delay bedtime until around 8:30 and she'll play in her crib until 9:30 some nights.

In fact yesterday was one of those days where I had to wake her up around 5pm from her nap. And I opened the door and she didn't I had to snap a picture of her! It's rare that I get to see her sleeping....and it's so precious! I love how she's gripping onto her bear! She's still in size 3 diapers for daytime and 4's for overnight. She is still wearing 12/18 month clothing too (yeah my little peanut!).

Avery is talking up a storm now. She's putting 3-4 words together now "Avery's got it!", "Avery do it", "Mommy all done". She does part of pat-a-cake and also sings "Ring Around the Rosie" by herself-it's so cute!! Avery also will say her name "Avery Rose" and attempts our last name as well.

She has an Elmo book that has a photo of space-it shows the sun and all of the planets. She always points to them and asks what they are so I named all of them for her. The other day she named 3 of the planets all by herself and pointed to them as well-I was amazed!

She is also starting to say some things without getting prompted. The other day she said "Thank you" to me without me prompting her to say it first. And on Easter, she told Gabe "I love you" all by herself-precious!!

Speaking of Easter, this year Avery went to her first egg hunt which was fun (and freezing!). She had fun searching for easter eggs at our house and at Pa and Grandma's as well! I think next year she'll really be into the holidays which will be a lot of fun!

The other thing this month is that just a few days ago, I noticed that Avery has her first 2-year molar coming in! It's very hard for me to see in her mouth, but the other day she had her head back and was laughing and I got a good look in there. She has one upper tooth that's about halfway through so I was surprised by that! No sign of the other 3, but I'm sure they won't be far behind! Maybe that's why she has so many tantrums lately!

Here are Avery's pics for the month (and I'll say that she loved having her picture taken this time! I took a few and thought I had enough good ones and she goes "more pictures!" so I had to take a few more!):

I told her to smile and she smiled at the floor!

Kissing the giraffe:

My favorites:

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