Monday, April 18, 2011

Palm Sunday

Yesterday was palm Sunday.

Gabe and I returned from our overnight getaway around noon. We fed Avery lunch, then put her down for her nap. Since I didn't get much sleep, I also took a nice nap myself (which I haven't done since Avery was a baby!).

As soon as she woke up, we headed to my in-law's house for a palm sunday get together. Our Aunt and two cousins were there as well as Molly and her family. We had a nice dinner and before having dessert, they had an egg hunt for the kids.

Here's Avery collecting her eggs: And Owen with his bucket: Avery got a little distracted by the Dora tent and was having fun tipping it over! The kids had fun searching for eggs again! Avery and Bianca were all about the candy and Owen was just excited to have as many empty eggs as he could! It was pretty funny! We didn't stay too late since Avery was tired and a little under the weather. Of course we tried getting her to bed early, but that didn't happen at all!

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