Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Overload!

Instead of doing numerous Easter related posts, I decided to do just one big Easter themed post!

On Friday, both Gabe and I had off for the day. In the morning, Gabe and I met with our first vendor for our new house. We met with the guy doing our windows and doors. He showed us what we were getting and also some of the upgraded things we could pick out if we wanted. It was a pretty quick meeting and went very well.

After Avery napped, it was time to dye easter eggs!

Avery helped me mix the colors, then she used a "magic" crayon to color on the eggs (it was a clear crayon that showed up after you dye the eggs): More coloring:

And she helped me drop the eggs into the dye:

Every time we put one in the dye, she would peek over the glass to look at the egg:

Once they were dry, she put some stickers on the eggs too!

Avery's egg!

Our finished eggs!

On Saturday, we had Easter in Buffalo. First stop? My Dad's house. We relaxed and ordered pizza for lunch! Avery had fun seeing her Papa!

Then we went to my Mom's house. I tried getting a good shot of her cute outfit....this was the best I got!

Aunt Pat and Grandma each gave Avery some Easter gifts!

My girlfriend Katie and her son, Roman, stopped over. They were in town from MD so it was great seeing them and catching up!

At one point, my Mom turned music on and Avery and Roman held hands and danced around! It was so cute!

Katie and I:

Mom and Aunt Pat made us a yummy lasagna dinner, then afterwards, Megan and Noah stopped by for a quick hello! Noah was wearing a vest and Avery was obsessed with it! She kept unzipping it and rubbing his chest-we were all cracking up over it! They gave each other hugs too! (sorry the pic is turned)

And some vest playing:

On Easter morning we had plans to go to Gabe's parents' house around 10am. I wasn't sure if we would do Avery's basket and egg hunt in the morning, or after her nap. With all 3 of us having to get up, showered and dressed, I didn't know how things would pan out and if we'd have enough time.

It ended up that when Gabe brought Avery downstairs, she immediately started spotting eggs and stuff, so we ended up doing the "hunt" right before we left. I caught most of it on video and because of that I don't have any photos of her hunting!

Here is her basket though! The Easter Bunny left it right on her chair! She got some coloring books, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, lollipops and chocolate!

Avery posing with her basket:

Then it was off to his parents' for breakfast. We had a yummy spread of food as always! And we finally got a good family photo of us:

Avery diving on and hugging her bunny:

Trying again to get a pic of her outfit:

I asked Avery to strike a pose for me and this is what I got!

After breakfast, the kids got baskets from Pa and Grandma and we did another egg hunt for them as well!

Here's Owen and his basket:

Avery trying to drag her basket over to me:

And Avery with her basket-I told her to smile for me!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday! We sure did!

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