Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wilton Course 1, Class 4

Last night was my last cake decorating class in course 1!

To prepare for last night, I had to bake, fill, and frost a cake at home (my only cost was for the cake mix). According to the book, I was supposed to make another 2 batches of frosting as well. I actually had a ton left over from last week's class, so I didn't make any new frosting for this week. And thankfully I didn't because I still came home with a whole bunch that was never used!

We started class by learning how to write on a cake. You use a different mixture for the icing (you add in some piping gel) in order for the writing to come out smooth.

Then we spent a lot of time learning the ribbon rose. We first practiced making a proper base for it, then learned how to create the petals. I'll admit, it wasn't easy! We made a bunch of roses to put on our cake (I dumped so many of them-I wasn't really happy with any of the ones I kept either).

Then it was time to decorate our cake. We pretty much had the freedom to do whatever we wanted. I chose to do no writing and just do all of my roses in the center of the cake. She showed us how to properly "stage" the roses so they have the right height, etc. And we learned how to transfer the created roses to the cake (not an easy task!).

Once we had the roses on, we could do whatever else we wanted with the cake. I chose to do a shell border and added some dots to fill in the empty spaces. I was pretty happy with my end result...again, one of the best things I've done with frosting!

Here's my final cake!

A close up of the shell border and dots:

And a close up of the roses:

I decided to sign up for the next Wilton course as well so I'll be starting that next week! Should be fun!!

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Angela B. said...

Stunning!!! I sure hope I get the teaching you had. Our class is mostly children aged 9 -12 and a few adults. Seems to large of a class to really get individual help needed.