Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I am now 32 years old (gulp)!

Yesterday was my birthday. My day started out by me having to go to work. It was a very busy day and I got stuck there a half hour late (it should have been longer, but since it was my birthday, I cut out of there!). Then I picked up Avery from daycare and raced home to my Mom who was patiently awaiting our arrival (locked out of our house!).

Gabe's Dad came over and my Mom made us all a yummy dinner of pasta with broccoli, salad and bread. Dessert was the cake I made in class Monday night and it was a big hit!!

Avery of course had to be by my side to help blow out the candles! Here we are when everyone was singing:
Blow out the candles!
Avery loved the cake! I cut her the smallest piece I could and she ended up eating 3 of them!! Yeah, she has a sweet tooth just like her Mama!

It was a very nice get together and I got some wonderful gifts! My Mom got me a shirt, and some baking supplies and a gift card to Michael's. Gabe got me a one night getaway (Avery is almost 2 and I've never spent the night away from her)-we're going this Saturday night to a nearby nice hotel...having both dinner and breakfast there and I'm having a massage done too! I can't wait!! Of course the best gift was just being able to spend my day with my family. It was so nice that my Mom could come out and just relaxing with her, Gabe and Avery was wonderful!

My Mom stayed overnight so we were up playing this morning. Avery has become a big fan of our dustbuster! She loves using the thing!
My Mom's birthday was about 2 weeks ago and I got her a gift card to the Brow Diva. So today she went for her appointment.

Here's her before shot:
And her after shot:
I think they turned out great! My Mom watched Avery today while I ran to buy Avery a new booster seat and did some Easter shopping. After her nap, we just hung around and played. My Mom left around dinner time.

Avery was all wound up before bed running around and dancing to music. At one point, she stopped and was making this big time poop face and I tried catching it on camera...I wasn't so successful....this is what I got instead:

Love that girl...she's so cute!!

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