Thursday, April 21, 2011

Avery's Garden

On Tuesday, Avery came home from daycare with the cutest thing I've ever seen! They had the following things all bagged up in a spring themed bag: flower seeds, a ziploc bag of dirt, a spoon that says "happy planting", a part of an egg carton decorated with lace and flower stickers, and a wooden tulip glued to a popsicle stick that said "_____'s Garden". It seriously was so cute and a very creative idea!

Since the weather wasn't nice yesterday, we couldn't go outside to play. So after Avery napped, we pulled out the stuff to get her garden going!

Avery was all about doing it herself, so I let her dig in the dirt a bit (until we made a mess)...then Mommy took over from there!

Avery planting the seeds! She loved this part!

After another layer of dirt, the garden was finished! We watered the seeds and now we just wait! I'm hoping that something grows so we can show her what happens!

Yeah, did I mention we made a mess??

Avery of course helped me vacuum after!

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