Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wilton Course 1 Class 2

Last night was class 2 of my decorating basics class.

I know in my last post I tried giving prices as I went along. I did forget to mention that the class itself cost me $22.50 (half off special they were running). I'll try to give prices again as I go through last night's class.

In preparation for class, I had to bake a cake (box cake $1) and make 2 batches of Wilton frosting. For the frosting I had to buy Wilton clear vanilla extract ($5), meringue powder (about $5), crisco (I bought a huge one that should last all classes for about $5), and powdered sugar ($2 for both batches). I made the frosting up last week-it stays fine at room temperature so that was handy. I had off of work yesterday so I made my cake yesterday before class. I baked one 8" layer and used the rest of the batter for 6 cupcakes for next week's class (so I don't have to bake again!).

The only other thing I bought for this week was the boards to put the cake on. I think for 12 of them it was around ($5-6). You were supposed to buy a turntable and cake torter, but I borrowed mine from someone which saved me some money! I'm not even sure how much they cost!

Alright, to the class....

We started out by torting our cake (cutting it in half to put in a filling), learning how to properly fill the cake, then frosting our cake properly which involves a few steps. Once the cake was frosted, we let it sit out to "crust over" a bit.

While the cake sat out, we practiced some curved lines and tight zigzag lines. Then we did some small and large dots and elongated shapes. By the time we did each of those a few times, our cakes were ready to decorate.

We learned how to transfer an image to our cake using piping gel, which was pretty cool. I never knew you could do it actually! Our shape was a cupcake, so we then colored our frosting to whatever we wanted it to be for the decorating.

Then it was onto filling in the cupcake outline using the elongated shapes, zigzag lines, and large dots!

Mine didn't come out perfect (I didn't cover the piping gel all the way), but it seriously is the best thing I've ever done with frosting!!

So, here's my masterpiece!
This yummy creation is actually going to be my birthday cake since today is my birthday!

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Angela B. said...

It looks awesome and Yummy! That is what we are doing for next weeks class!