Sunday, April 17, 2011

Egg Hunt

Yesterday we took Avery for her first Easter Egg Hunt! Gabe's sister and her family joined us, and one of Avery's friends, Amelia, and her family were there too! Unfortunately, it was the worst day for an egg was raining and freezing cold out! Luckily most of the festivities were inside. We started out with some crafts-Avery colored a picture of a bunny and we cut it out and glued it to a paper bag. Here she is sitting with Gabe: And coloring her bunny: While she was coloring, the Easter Bunny showed up! She went right up to him and gave him a high-five!! We tried for a hug, but that wasn't happening! She kept talking about him all day though!

They also had lunch-some subs, watermelon and water (not very much really). We didn't eat much because we had a late breakfast. Around 11:45 they lined the kids up for the egg hunt. Here's a shot of all of the eggs:
And all of the kids/parents lined up!
Avery picking up some eggs:
Owen with his bucket of eggs: I have to say it was pretty organized. They had the kids go out and get 5 eggs, come back to the starting line, then get 2 eggs, etc. I think it was pretty fair so it made sure the little kids (like Avery) would get something too. It was so cold out that we didn't finish the hunt-Avery wasn't really into it after the first few rounds so we just came inside to see what she got! A bouncy ball on a string! She got a lot of stickers, some bouncy balls, some candy. They had a few big prizes included as well, but we didn't get any of those.

After our egg hunt, Avery napped while Gabe and I met with our builder. The blueprint is officially done now and tomorrow the builder goes to the town to get the permit to start digging!! It wasn't a very long meeting, but it gets us more excited!!

Once that was over, Gabe and I went out for my birthday....Gabe got us a night away! I have never been away from Avery overnight since she was born, so I figured it was about time we did that! We went to Woodcliff and had an overnight package with dinner and breakfast included. The room was nice-nothing overly fancy. Dinner was really good-I was impressed with the food! The only bad thing was that we didn't sleep very well. It was so windy out (not sure if it was everywhere or just the hotel since it's up on a hill) that it sounded like a tornado in our room-I swear I got 3 hours of sleep! Not fun!! So we were up relatively early today, had breakfast (a pretty decent buffet), then I got a massage which was heavenly!! After that, we headed home to see our little girl!! It was a lovely birthday celebration!!

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