Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wilton Course 1, Class 3

Last night was cake class #3 for me! For last week's class, we made a cake and with the extra batter, I made the cupcakes for tonight's class. It saved me from having to bake again! I did make 2 batches of frosting for the class though and had to color it as well (green, light blue, dark blue, purple)-the only cost was for the powdered sugar for the frosting (about $2).

We started class by practicing some new flowers-we did drop flowers, rosettes, and the shell border. I found the shell to be very difficult for some reason-each one came out totally different and it was very frustrating for me! Then we worked on leaves, which were also not easy to do.

Once we practiced those for awhile, it was time to start on our cupcakes!

First, we learned how to fill a cupcake (I used pudding for my filling). Then we learned how to frost them using the pastry bag. Once we had them all frosted (in white icing), we learned two more flowers-the pompom and shaggy mum. The mum was fairly easy to do, just a little time consuming. The pompom was a little more difficult and takes quite awhile. I couldn't imagine making a ton of them, that's for sure! I suppose once you're a "pro" at it, it's quicker to do, but they took us awhile to finish!

I was pretty impressed with how mine turned out-and they tasted really good too!

How about some pics??

Here's the pompom flower:
and the shaggy mum:

The teacher used one of my cupcakes as her demo for how to frost it and put on the leaves. I had to save it because it looked so pretty! Mine looked nothing like this! Haha!

And here's my box of finished cupcakes...very spring-like huh?!

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Angela B. said...

These are gorgeous!