Sunday, April 10, 2011

Busy Spring Weekend!

We had another busy weekend! This month is getting crazier and crazier it seems! Saturday I met a good friend (and old coworker) of mine for breakfast. Then after Avery's nap, we headed to Molly and Mark's house to celebrate Bianca's first week in daycare/preschool. We haven't been to their house in a very long time so it was great getting the kids together-they always have a good time! There was a yummy cake involved as well....always makes a get together even better! Avery was loving a princess book they had:
And a dollhouse! She loves going to other people's houses to play with new and interesting toys! She definitely gets sick of her own!
The kids insisted on going outside after dinner, even though it was getting chilly out. Bianca and Avery played house....
...and Owen kicked around a soccer ball.
We had a real nice time visiting and catching up with them!! When we got home and got Avery to sleep, I went grocery shopping.

Sunday was just as busy! Avery and I went for a playdate with Avery's friends Josie and Amelia. Again, Avery had a blast checking out new surroundings and new toys! She was loving the blocks there (but really could care less about hers here!)
Avery and Josie are in their new daycare together and love it! Avery was all about giving Josie kisses.... And putting her arm around her (too cute!): While we were getting the food ready, Amelia and Josie sat in their chairs (while Avery ran circles around the table pushing the doll stroller). And when we peeked in on them, they were holding hands! It was so cute! We had an awesome lunch (thanks Lisa!) then headed to a nearby playground for a bit. It was misting out, but none of us cared. The kids loved going down the slides so before we left, we caught this great shot!! Later Sunday afternoon, Gabe, Avery and I took a drive to Eastview mall to walk around and get a few things. Then we went to Friday's for dinner and lucky me had the crew sing to me for my birthday!

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