Monday, January 6, 2014

Weekend of "Firsts"!

We had a big weekend of "firsts" around here!

Avery used my camera to take her first photos....

Not bad right?!

Saturday morning I took Cassandra to get her haircut. I didn't get a "before" shot of her though-but I'm sure you can see plenty of those just by looking through the blog!

She did great-jumped right up in the big chair and let me put the cape on her. The TV was going (she watched Mickey Mouse) and she had her popcorn-life was good!

First to wet the hair....
And the first cut:

Ta da!! All done!
And a shot of the back....I LOVE her haircut! It makes her look very different though, but it's adorable!
After the haircut, we took the girls sledding for the first time since it was above 30 outside! 
Avery and Daddy

They're dead center

Avery loved it-she wanted to keep going and going. Cassandra wasn't really into it. I don't know if she was cold or what, but she just whined the entire time "Mommy!" I took her down the hill twice and she really had no desire to go again. I think she was happy when we got home! Haha! Maybe next time!

Sunday we took Cassandra for her first swim lesson. I was a little nervous because as soon as we got in the locker room, she started to cry and whine. I got us both changed and we headed to the pool area. She was distracted by watching people but would cry "Mommy" here and there. Then the lesson started and she did GREAT! I was in the water with her (it's a parent-child class) and I was so happy she loved it. We did some songs, she jumped in the water, did back float, kicking, and learned how to get in/out of the pool. When the lesson was done, she yelled "Again!" so that's a good sign!  Gabe and Avery met us there so we all swam together for awhile and had a good time. Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos of the lesson on my camera. Hopefully she does this well in the weeks to come!

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