Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Polka Dot Party!

We had Cassandra's birthday party on Saturday at our house. The theme this year? Polka dots! I picked it mainly because I love how she says it "poky lots"! And she's young enough not to care what her theme is!

A first for me-I tried a 2 tiered cake for the party! I was really nervous about it, but it came out great! I tried a new frosting recipe and a new filling and was so happy with both of them!

Here is the finished product-sorry the pics are turned-I have no idea why they turn when I upload them!

Polka dot favors for the kids....filled with stickers, skittles, swedish fish, and lollipops! Yum!
Polka dot table cloth, plates, napkins and cups courtesy of Party City:
With some polka dot signs to go along with them, also Party City:

To go along with the cake, I did some chocolate covered marshmallows with polka dots (sprinkles) on them:
and chocolate covered pretzels too!
Of course the birthday girl had to be wearing polka dots too!

Avery and Cassandra
Once again (just like our holiday party), the weather was really crappy the day of the party-lots of wind and lots of snow. Unfortunately a few people couldn't make it to the party because of it, so that was a bummer.
Cassandra, my Mom, Dylan
The yummy treat table:
We had some appetizers followed by dinner (subs, green salad, fruit, chips/pretzels, baked pasta). After dinner, we decided to open gifts to let our food digest a bit. Cassandra got a lot of nice gifts...
Cleaning set


Warm PJs

And a new car!!

After gifts, we did cake. I didn't get any photos of cake since Gabe video taped instead. Cassandra wouldn't blow out the candles, that little stinker! But she did eat her cake! And it was very, very good! After cake, the kids played some more and then people started heading out. It was a great celebration of our baby girl's birth!

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