Thursday, January 23, 2014

Twenty-Four Months (2 Years) Old!

Our baby girl is now a 2 year old! How (and why) does time go by so fast?!

I will say I love the stage she is in-I love hearing her learn to talk and she is seriously so cute! I could just eat her up! Yes she's a challenge at times (hello stubborn!) but I'm really going to miss this age-it's just so fun!

Peanut is still wearing 18 month clothes. She's still in a size 4 diaper for both day and night. She's still in a size 5 shoe.

She is still sleeping pretty well these days. She sleeps through the night and still takes an afternoon nap without a fight. Although at daycare I learned she isn't really napping anymore for whatever reason. Hey, as long as she sleeps for me at home, it's all good! Haha! She's really good about amusing herself in her crib though-even if she's awake, she very rarely cries about it. So I'm not complaining!

Cassandra is still a pretty good eater. Some days are better than others of course. Some of her favorites? Bagels with cream cheese, fruit, yogurt, pasta, dino nuggets, cereal.

Some new things she's saying now...."scissors", "big girl chair", "I want the Fox Song!", "I found it!", "I don't know", "on the edge", "Happy New Year", "cause I said so!", "not good manners", "my eyes are brown", "Aruba", "ragamuffin", "you OK Mommy?", "you blow nose?", "come on", "collar bone", "leave it open".

Cassandra also had her first haircut this month and did a great job! She was so well behaved! 

We also took her and Avery sledding for the first time and she wasn't thrilled with it at all! She went down the hill twice, but whined most of the time we were there. Maybe next time will be better?

Cassandra also started swimming lessons this month and is doing really well at them!  She was a little hesitant at the first class, but as of now she's had 4 classes and it's going really well. She loves getting in the water and splashing around and putting her face in...the total opposite of her sister!!

Here are the big girl's photos!
Hugging the giraffe

My faves:

She was saying "little tiny" for some reason

Daddy's favorite face!

No idea what this was, but it's hilarious!

Flashback to Avery at 24 months!

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