Thursday, July 3, 2014

Seabreeze 2014

When Avery's birthday comes around, we let her choose what she wants to do for the day.

This year she chose Seabreeze again! It's typically a family affair when we go-we all take the day off of work and my in-laws' join us as well. This year, we had a wedding on Avery's actual birthday, so we did Seabreeze the day before. Lucky for us-she has no clue!

It was a perfect day-mid to upper 70s and sunny. Not the best for the waterpark, but come on-my kids are not water kids anyways so it probably works out best for us that way.

We got there right when they opened at 11am and hit the rides!
Avery and Bianca
This was the first ride they went on and Cassie was a little unsure of it (can you see her death gripping the sides?!). She ended up loving it, but I think she forgot what this was from last year!
Love this pic:
Cassie, Avery, Bianca

Cassie, Avery, Bianca
We ended up running into a few friends there as well which was really fun! Of course they all had to argue over who got to sit with who! But it was still a great time!
Bianca, Avery, Ellie, Cassie, Clayton

Cassie, Bianca, Avery, Ellie
My friend Kristin was nice enough to take my nephew on the pirate ship. None of us are really into it (that was my Mom's job last year!) so she took one for the team!
Owen, Kristin, Ellie
We did go in the water park for maybe an hour. I was very proud of Avery who went on a baby waterslide for the first time! Most kids go on it when they're super young (one girl I saw was barely a year old!), but for my water-phobic girl, I was so happy she finally did it! And guess what? She loved it! I knew she would! I was surprised that Cassandra wouldn't go down any of the water slides. She does really well in water but had no interest.

After the water park, it was more rides, dinner and of course...popsicles!
Avery, Cassie, Bianca
I felt like the time went super fast when we were there. It wasn't overly crowded either but the time just flew. I felt like we didn't do much and it was already 3pm! And somehow I never went on the carousel (the kids did with Gabe a few times though) or the log ride! In fact, we didn't make it to the log ride until about that time I wasn't in the mood to get soaked! 
Molly, Bianca, Owen, Gabe
Once again, we had a really great time. We stayed until close to 8pm and Cassandra passed out in the car on the way home. Avery was still a little hesitant with rides this year. I think she only tried 1 or 2 new ones. She still has no interest in going on any of the kiddie roller coasters or anything. Cassandra of course wanted to go on everything and sister is so short that she's pretty much restricted to the kiddie area only. Hopefully she sprouts up over the next year so she can go on a few more things next summer!

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