Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sea Breeze!

We had thought Avery was going to choose to go to Sea Breeze again this year on her birthday. When she chose the Buffalo Zoo instead, we knew we had to try to plan a Sea Breeze day sometime in the summer. My Mom also wanted to come with us and with all of our work schedules, it was hard to pick a day! Avery's daycare was closed all this week and my Mom took some days off to watch the kids for us while we worked. So...we decided to take a vacation day and do Sea Breeze while she was already out here!  And it was great that my Father-in-Law, Sister-in-Law, niece and nephew could all come along too!

We got there right when they opened at 11am....the kids were all chomping at the bit at 9am!  The first ride they chose? The sailboats!  I was anxious to see how Cassandra would do since she's about 6months younger than Avery was on her first kiddie rides. I had a feeling she was going to have a ball and I was right....sister was in her glory all day!
Cassandra, Avery and Bianca

After the boats, it was on to the airplanes....Cass rode this one alone and did really well! (You can see Avery and Bianca in the other white plane in the background)

Then it was off to the cars:
Is this them in about 12years?! Yikes!

 Love this
After the cars, we went on the carousel:

After going on a bunch of things, we did hit the water park. It was short lived though, despite how hot it was outside. Avery wasn't "feeling it" at all. We kept Cass in there for maybe an hour and then she was shivering and tired so we called it quits and headed back to dry land.

This time the sisters rode the cars together:
Avery was tall enough to do quite a bit more rides this year. Some of them I was shocked that she was tall enough to go on (like the Sea Dragon pictured below). I think the only "new" thing she went on this year was the Bob Sleds-which is a roller coaster. I was very proud that she went on, but she cried through most of it and didn't like it. She didn't try any of the other rides that I thought she might (tilt-a-whirl, spring, etc) and was just content to ride the kiddie rides-which was totally fine with me. And this was the first year that our nephew could ride on anything in the park, so that was cool! We all took turns going on the bigger stuff with him so that was fun! My Mom was the volunteer for the Sea Dragon:
Owen and Mom (green shirt)
We had a really great day! We stayed until around 7:30 (which of course wasn't late enough for Avery) and were all pretty wiped by the time we left. It was another successful Sea Breeze trip for us!

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