Thursday, August 1, 2013

For "My Girls"

This post is a shout out to some really cool chicks who play a huge part in my life and helped make me who I am today. They are my pals, my BFFs, my girls.

A quick intro for ya:

Jessica: Jess and I met back in 8th grade English class. She was the new girl at school and sat right behind me. She was (and is) quite the artist so I commented on a picture she was drawing and the rest is history! We were pretty inseparable for a few years then life sort of happened and we didn't see each other as much through college. To this day, we seem to pick up right where we left off though like no time has passed since our last visit. She has 2 kids now-Connor and Caroline. And I just figured out that we've known each other for 21 years....which is totally insane to me!

Jess and Connor, Avery and I (God I look young!)
Megan: Megan and I met our Freshman year of high school. I think we only had band (geeks!) together that year. We met through a mutual friend. That summer, we started hanging out quite a bit and quickly became inseparable. We worked at Putt-Putt together and waitressed together. We went to 2 colleges together (no joke!) as well...yep, inseparable! She also has 2 kids-Noah and Leigha
Meg with Avery
Katie: Katie and I met through a mutual friend in college. The funny thing? We went to high school together too but really didn't know each other! We heard of each other, but that's about it...that's what happens when your graduating class has 365 kids! We attended the same college (along with Meg) for a few years and became good friends. She has 2 kids (see a trend?)-Roman and Ava.
Katie and I
Renee: Renee and I also met in college. We went to the same school (with Meg and Katie) and pledged sorority together (which was hysterical), which is how we met. At a few of the sorority get togethers, we started talking more and eventually started hanging out together. She's pregnant with her first child now (YAY!).
Renee and Cassandra
These girls and I have some awesome memories in our book-dancing at the clubs, loser guys, parties, vacations together, heart breaks, moving, finding "the ones", late nights (or early mornings?), engagements, bachelorette parties, weddings, and babies! They truly mean so much to me and are the sisters I never had. If I could transport them all here with me, I'd do it in a heartbeat!

Before I was married and had kids, I always pictured my life with kids and in that life, my friends and their kids were there. Always getting together, living near each other, the kids going to school together, impromptu play dates, etc.

Unfortunately, that's not reality.

Reality is that Meg, Jess, and Renee are still in Buffalo, I'm in Rochester and Katie is an air force she's been in Omaha, Baltimore, and currently-Florida.

Reality is that I see Megan probably once a month, Renee and Jess every few months and Katie probably once a year (this past time was 18 months!). Reality sucks at times....

Times like these that happened last weekend where Meg and Katie (who was in town) both came over (and Renee came by shortly after they left) and our littles played their hearts out together:
Noah, Roman, Cassandra

Cass gettin' all dolled up

Roman, Noah, Avery, Ava, Cassandra
They all got along so well. There was no bickering, no fighting, no shyness. They all just played and got along like they've seen each other every day. And it totally sucked when Avery asked, "When can I play with Roman again?" and I had to tell her, "not for a very long time."

It was so, SO great to see everyone and have everyone be together. It was like old times, but new since we all had our kids too.

And this visit, as great as it was, made me sad after. Sad because it's not the reality I dreamed of. Sad because I wish we could do this more than just once a year. Sad because I miss my friends. And I know I should (and do!) cherish these moments that we have together, but when I saw all of the kids together and having fun, it broke my heart a little. I just wish our kids could grow up together. I know they will to some extent, but it's not the same. I'm feeling thankful....thankful I met these girls (women!), thankful for their wonderful babies, and thankful that we do keep in touch after all of these years. I'm happy that our kids will know each other, whether it's every day or every year. They'll know how important you all are to me. That I am sure of! Love you guys!

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