Monday, August 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Owen!

Saturday was our nephew's birthday-he's NINE years old! Totally crazy as I remember going to see him in the hospital when he was just born. Was it really nine years ago?! Wow!

Last night we went over their house for a little family party/swim time.
Singing "Happy Birthday"

Everyone helped blow out the candles

Look at this beaut!
After we had dinner and cupcakes, a few people went in the pool. It's been really chilly around here at night so the pool temps aren't that warm. Not to mention we haven't had any real heat waves during the day either. So, the water was a tad chilly and I'm shocked the kids went in and stayed in awhile! You'll see in the pics that we didn't even put Cassandra in a bathing suit because we literally thought the kids would be in and out in like 2mins. But they surprised us and stayed in probably for close to an hour! Gabe and Mark were the brave souls to go in with the kiddos too! Lucky ducks!

Happy 9th Birthday Owen!!

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