Saturday, August 24, 2013

Nineteen Months Old!

Yesterday Cassandra turned 19 months old!

Little girl is still wearing mostly 12 month clothes. I did pull out the 18 month stuff and she can wear some of it-mostly shirts and onesies and PJs. The shorts are too big in the waist and I'm sure the pants will be super long on her! She's still sporting size 3 diapers during the day.

Cassandra is still sleeping well-she very rarely wakes up overnight and if she does, she puts herself back to sleep. She's still napping roughly 2hrs in the afternoon and is super easy to put down for both nap and bedtime. Compared to Avery, she's a piece of cake!

Her eating is still all over the place. Some days she eats so much I wonder if she has a hollow leg. Other days she barely touches food. I'd say overall she likes to eat though and most days she puts the food away pretty well. She of course loves her fruit, yogurt, pasta, and cheese. The only thing new she tried this month that I can think of is a lollipop...and of course she loved it!

Cassandra is talking like crazy. I swear she comes out with new things everyday. It's hard to keep up with her!  Some new words this month: "outside", "inside", "teeth", "burp", "fruitfly", "Avery cry", "excuse me", "big boy", "uh oh spaghetti O's", "toot", "clock", "museum", "working", "mommy's car", "peek-a-yoo, I see you!" Another thing you do now is that if I tell you "No", you ask "why?" and if I say, "because I said so", you say, "said so." It's pretty funny!

You have also figured out how to raise/lower your eyebrows....but you also nod your head at the same time-it has to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen! We try to get you to do it a lot!  You also have FINALLY started putting your head down on our shoulders when we rock you at bedtime. Most of the time you want to face out and sit in our lap, but just in the past week or so, you started putting your head down. I LOVE it....little baby snuggles!

Here are your photos for the month:

Saying "cheese!"

My faves:

I told you to smile!
And here's a flashback to Miss Avery at 19 months!

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