Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nineteen Months Old!

Avery turned 19 months old on the 27th. With her being sick, I had to delay taking her pics and doing this post for a few days.

Avery is still a good eater. She goes in phases where she's not real interested in eating, but then other days she eats like a champ. I think she's officially done with the highchair-she hasn't sat in it in a long time. We have a hook on chair attached to our dining room table and she does well sitting in that now.

She is still sleeping the same-about 12 hours at night with an afternoon nap.

She's still in size 3 diapers for daytime and size 4's for overnight (she's been in these sizes since May!). Most clothes she wears are 12 or 18 months, with a random 9monther in there as well.

Avery is still learning so much each day it seems. It's amazing how she picks up on things! She still loves her babies and is into Dora and Elmo as well (what kid isn't?!). She has gotten really good at a few of her puzzles she got for Christmas and she loves to color too!

Some new words this month: "puppy", "work", "milk", "bus", "away", "potty", "broccoli", "gas", "pee pee", "open", "doggy", "black", "fresh", "eat", "up". She has also started saying some phrases: "Hi Noah (or another name)", "thank you", "fix it", "open it", "all done baby". She also can do the motions for the Itsy Bitsy Spider-it's so cute! She likes singing The Wheels on the Bus as well!

Here are some pics of her now that she's feeling better!

Playing with Daddy on the chair:
These are my faves:

This one she is doing the "side eye":

Saying "cheese" for the camera:

I just love this age that she is at-she is just so much fun to watch and listen to! She really makes us laugh everyday and we just love her to death! It's such a bittersweet thing to see her grow up!

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