Sunday, January 23, 2011

Daycare Playdate!

We had quite a busy weekend this weekend. It all started yesterday morning....

Two girls that Avery currently goes to daycare with came over for a playdate. We've gotten together a few times before, but I honestly think the last time they were all together was at Josie's birthday party at the end of June!! Since all 3 of them are under 2 years old, they all can't be at daycare at the same time (they're only allowed 2 kids under the age of 2). So, Josie and Avery are never at daycare together so they never get to see each other. Since it had been so long, we had to do a get together before their daycare officially closes.

And the girls had a BLAST!

They all crammed in Avery's tent:

And took turns on the train-here Avery and Josie are both crammed on it!

Amelia helping push Josie on the train:

After they played awhile, we took a lunch break! Josie's studying the spread:

Avery wanted everyone's fruit!

Josie eating her sandwich:

After lunch, it was back to playing for a little while before it was their nap time. The girls got a kick out of sitting in Avery's little doll stroller!
And playing with my exercise ball (which is deflated and I have no way to pump it up!)

And again cramming into the tent!

It was so much fun seeing them all together again. They actually played together this time which was great and they all are running around and talking like crazy! It's a big change from the last time they were all around each other! Hopefully we'll be able to get together more often since they might not be seeing much of each other once daycare closes in a few short weeks. We're not sure where everyone will end up, so we'll see if any of them stick together at our next daycare!

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Mitzi G. said...

It looks like they had a blast & the last photo pf her is too cute!!