Friday, January 21, 2011


So I told you about our daycare change that's going to take place....

....and now I'm really starting to panic.

Avery goes two more times to her current daycare, then she's done. Yep, about 10days until she's finished....

....and we still have no replacement.

All of the people I left messages with? Well, I called them all a second time, and still no call back. How frustrating is that?!

I've been searching and searching and calling and nothing.

We've met with 2 people so far and weren't totally thrilled with either one. We're meeting with another one on Sunday, so my fingers (and anything else) are crossed that this works out. It's a little further away than the others, but I had to broaden my search as my options are getting very limited. If this one doesn't pan out?! I have no idea. Honestly.

I just feel like this huge weight is on my shoulders right now and I know it won't go away until we find a place. And as time is dwindling and my options are as well, it's freaking me out. I just want my baby girl to have a new "home" while we're at work.

That's all I'm asking.


the cook said...

What about a traditional daycare? Or do they all have waiting lists?

Nicole said...

Well, right now she's in an in-home daycare so I'd like to find another of those if possible. I think a center will be a huge change for her (not to mention they are more expensive). If we don't find an in-home we like, we'll start considering centers.