Saturday, January 15, 2011

Buffalo Trip

Today we made a trip to Buffalo for the day. We haven't been since Christmas Eve, so we were due for a trip.

We started with lunch at The Delaware (no website) with my Dad and Colleen. It's a newer place-maybe open a month or so. It's very nice inside and the food was very good. We will definitely go back. And for being new, it had quite a good crowd for lunch!

After that we went to my Mom's and Avery took a little nap for us. After that, it was all about playing!!

A quick pose with Daddy: She found my Mom's precious moments collection and was shreiking!

One of her new favorite moves:

Drinking out of my water bottle:

My Uncle Joe and Aunt Marion came over for dinner. They try to stop by quite a bit when we're in town, but it's usually for a quick visit. They don't get to spend a good chunk of time with Avery and see her in action. So it was nice that they came for dinner and got to spend some time with her. After we ate, she went on a kissing spree and had to give everyone a kiss!


Uncle Joe:

My Mom put up Avery's new picture and Gabe had me pose to look like I was kissing her:

And of course what's a visit without a story from Grandma?!

We had a very nice time. We left around 7:45 and it took Avery awhile to fall asleep in the car, but she eventually did. We got home, got her in her jammies then she fell right back to sleep which worked out perfectly!

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