Monday, January 31, 2011

Avery's First Haircut

Yesterday was the big day....for 2 things!

One...Avery is now facing forward in the car!! We took our cars on Saturday to have the seats reversed. Since Avery was sick, yesterday was the first time she got to ride in them. I really think she enjoys being able to see everything going on and being able to see us!! Doesn't she look so big though?! And two....Avery got her first haircut yesterday! We took her to Haircuts for Peanuts. I wasn't sure how she'd do for the first haircut, so I figured we'd try a kid friendly place.

I mean, just look at the entrance!

It was really cute inside. Instead of one big room, every kid got their own room (sort of like a bedroom) for their haircut. Which is a good thing...because if some kid is screaming bloody murder, do you think your child would be interested in sitting there for a haircut?! I don't think so. So the separate rooms are a great idea.
Avery was a big girl and sat in the chair all by herself holding Daddy's hand the entire time! So cute.
Here's her before shot:

Trimming away!

Snip, snip:

So how did she sit still you ask?! Well, here's the set they each have their own room and each room is painted in bright colors, has a big mirror and a flat screen TV so the kids can watch whatever they like. They have drawers full of DVD's for the kids so you can pick what you want! Avery loves Dora so of course we knew she'd enjoy that! And it worked...the kid didn't budge the entire time!
And here's her after shot:

I realize it doesn't look that different, but most of the "clean up" was done in the back. She also got to pick out the bow in her hair, she got a lollipop, a balloon and a nice certificate with a before/after picture and a lock of her hair.

Here she is with her balloon in the waiting area. Since they took her right when we got there, she didn't have time to play. So we let her play a few minutes afterwards in the waiting area.

Yeah the place is a little pricey, but I think it was worth it. Next time maybe we'll go to a cheaper chain type of place, but I had to feel her out and see how she would do for the first cut. And maybe we'll go back there again...we'll see. It's a super cute place though and I highly recommend it!
And Avery got to have her first lollipop on the way home...she loved it!


Joelle said...

so darn cute! ... Hey.. what kind of carseat do you have? We're in the market for a 2nd one for Daddy's car, and I want one that we can use for a LONG time. I dont think the one we have in my car is that kind... (sorry if this doesnt make sense) .. the kind you can convert into a booster I mean =)

Nicole said...

We have a Britax Marathon in my car and a Recaro Signo in Gabe's. Neither of them turn into a booster, but they both go up to like 65/70lbs so she'll be in it awhile.