Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New 'Do, New Moves

First I want to take a moment and say Happy New Year!

Thank you all for following along in our journey and I hope you continue to follow us through this year.

Every year I think, what a difference a year makes. I mean, just look at us last year!

Avery is no longer a baby...she's a little girl now! It's hard to remember those days already, which makes me sad.

2010 was a pretty great year...our first whole year with Avery in our lives and a celebration of her first year with us! We were lucky enough to go on 3 big trips this year-Florida, New Orleans, and NYC. All were wonderful and it was great checking off other places I visited on the map. But most of all, we enjoyed life-the day to day grind of work, dinner, putting a little one to bed, and retiring for the night. We had family gatherings, time with friends, milestones, births, deaths, and everything in between. And I enjoyed every minute of it!

But now it's on to the new-the start of a new year with the unknown before us. I don't know what's on the horizon, but I'll tell you gut tells me this is the year of change.

So I started the year off with a new 'do and I'm loving it! It's maybe a little shorter than I like, but it'll grow! The cut itself is wonderful and the picture doesn't do it justice!
And Avery started off the new year with some new dance moves! Check her out!

I hope 2011 brings you much happiness and prosperity!

Happy New Year!

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