Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Our trip started out early Tuesday morning. We had an 11:30 flight out of Buffalo so we were on the road by 8:30 to get there in time to check in, etc.

I was a little nervous and anxious about how the flight would go since it was our first time traveling with Avery. Luckily the flight had a lot of empty seats so the woman at check-in allowed us to bring on Avery's carseat and give her her own seat for the flight....for free! Normally you get charged regular fare for that, but since there were plenty of open seats, she let us bring it on which was very nice. It was just nice having the extra room and carseat for Avery to sit in.

Here are a few pics of us getting ready to take off:

Once in the air, we got her carseat installed. We put her in it to eat lunch and near the end of the flight she fell asleep in it (for the last 20min).

It was a very long day. Avery only napped about a half hour in the car on the way to Buffalo and about 20min on the flight. By the time we landed in Florida, she was exhausted.

Gabe and his Dad went to get the rental cars then we drove to our home for the week. Avery by this point was so tired that she screamed the entire way there. I was sitting in the back seat with her and she could have cared less. She was hyperventilating and just miserable. I ended up crying right along with her because I couldn't do anything to calm her down. Once we arrived at the house, she settled down and was fine the rest of the evening. We were all happy to be "home" after the long day of travel.

Gabe's parents rented a townhome for all of us to stay in. I think we were all very happy with it.

Dining room:

Living room:

Living room looking towards kitchen area:

Pool/hot tub:

When we got there, the pool was freezing! It was supposed to be heated so we were pretty disappointed that the water was way too cold to get in. It finally got fixed on Thursday but we did miss out on a few pool days because of it which stunk. The ocean water was very cold too so our first few days we couldn't get in and enjoy the water at all. Once the pool was fixed Thursday, things improved!

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