Saturday, March 27, 2010

How to Celebrate?

Today Avery turned 9 months old!

So how do we celebrate being such a big girl?

Drinking Pepsi (or just chewing the bottle)....

Hanging out with our cousin:

And going in the swimming pool for the first time!! The pool finally got fixed and the water was warm enough for us and Avery to test it out.

First thing is to get in your bathing suit:

Then test out the water with Mommy:

Then try out the baby boat and play with Daddy, Mommy, and Owen:

What better way to celebrate than to go and get ice cream! Yum! Luckily, the place we went to last year, Jaxson's, wasn't too far away from us this year. We knew we had to go back and indulge a bit.

Avery posing with the sign:

Daddy's chocolate cookie sundae:

And Mommy's half and half sundae:

(see why we had to go back?!)
Avery had a little taste as well-and loved it of course!

Then we played with some Tupperware and spoons:

Happy 9 months big girl!!!

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