Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring? Or a Tease?

I'm trying not to get my hopes up.

Really trying.

The past few days the weather here has been gorgeous! Low to mid 50's and lots of sunshine. For Rochester in March, we'll take it!

Part of me is super excited that Spring is actually here. Part of me thinks that Mother Nature is teasing us because it happens pretty frequently. We're notorious for having random snow storms in late March and even early April so I should know better. But when it's this nice for a few days in a row, it's hard not to get your hopes up!

I took Avery for our first walk of the year yesterday-it was so nice to be out and to take in some fresh air. Of course we had to dodge some snowbanks here and there, but I think we both enjoyed being away from the house for a little while. I'm looking forward to the nicer weather so we can get out and moving more (Lord knows I need it since the gym and I haven't been having a good relationship lately!).

So...Mother Nature....if you're listening, keep the nice days coming! We don't want anymore snow!!

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