Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stand Up!

Yesterday I had the day off of work so I went in to get Avery in the morning like usual. I had some laundry of hers to put away so I kept Avery in her crib. I was hanging a few things in her closet and when I came out, this is how I found her:

Yep, that little stinker pulled herself up! The funny thing is that she hasn't tried doing it anywhere else at all. But she did it several times yesterday so when Gabe got home from work, the mattress got lowered again-so now it seems like she's sleeping on the floor.


Today Avery and I took a day trip to Buffalo for a visit. We haven't been there in about a month so we just went in for the day. Avery hung out with Grandma and Aunt Pat and I met up with Megan to celebrate her birthday over some ice cream at Condrell's (YUM!). Had dinner later then drove home-a pretty uneventful visit, but it was nice. Avery has a little bit of a cold so she was under the weather, but still in great spirits. She had fun visiting with Grandma and Aunt Pat!

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