Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Beach Baby

Our first full day in Floriday was pretty decent weather-wise. We had to take advantage and be outside! The pool still was freezing, but Avery enjoyed sitting out on the huge lounge chair on the back patio:

Then we decided to take a walk to the beach and check it out. Avery hadn't been in her stroller since the airport and at first I don't think she was too thrilled with the idea....

Then she kicked back and relaxed...

and played with her new shades:

(By the way this is my all time fave pic of her! Too darn cute!)

We took the 10min walk to the beach-it wasn't very crowded (probably because the water was FREEZING) and we only stayed a few minutes since it was Avery's lunch time, but she got to stick her feet in the water:

What you didn't see here was the screaming that took place when her feet hit the water-she obviously wasn't a fan of the cold water!

For Avery and I, that was our only trip to the beach the entire trip! Gabe went another time and the rest of the family went a few times, but Avery and I stayed closer to home due to her nap/feeding schedules and the closeness of the pool.

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