Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Forward

I haven't been on in the past few days-I feel like I'm playing catch up with the whole spring forward for daylight savings.

Avery's schedule has been off-whack since then but I finally think she's getting back to her normal routine. I've decided that whomever created this whole "fall back/spring ahead" thing did not have kids-otherwise they would know the "fun" you go through every 6 months for this garbage. You think it's hard enough for adults to adjust...well, try adding kids to the mix-not fun!

The rest of our weekend was pretty good-Sunday we went to my in-laws for dinner which was nice. We had turkey on the grill and it was so yummy! I had Monday off as well (I have a conference to attend Friday so I switched)-we didn't do too much. Avery's napping was all over the place time-wise. We ran a few errands and that's about it.

I had an awful night of sleep Monday-went to bed by 10pm (had to be up at 6am for work) and was still pretty awake at midnight. And of course Avery had me up once to eat so yesterday I was exhausted. I think that was my night of adjusting to daylight savings. So last night I was in bed around 8:45pm but still didn't sleep very soundly. I was tossing and turning a lot for some reason (could be thinking about our trip to FL in 6 days!).

Today is another day off and Avery and I met Gabe for lunch. She's napping now and we're going to run to our favorite store...Carter's!!

I still have a lot to do for our trip-we leave in 6 days and I haven't done much at all. I have a list of stuff written to pack, but haven't really packed anything yet. I have to get my ass in gear. Today was going to be my packing day, but Avery's morning nap was consumed with me showering, etc. and her nap right now I've spent doing laundry, getting part of dinner made, making my lunch for tomorrow and checking my email. Guess I should go do some packing huh?!

Oh and have I mentioned that Mother Nature has been kind this week as well? I think she has taken "spring" forward literally-it's BEAUTIFUL out!

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