Friday, December 10, 2010

New York State of Mind

Today we left for a weekend in New York City!

Gabe has been numerous times, but never for the holidays. I have NEVER been...can you believe it?! Gabe had enough hotel points saved up that our room would be free, so we decided to experience the Big Apple for Christmastime!

Our flight left around 11:45am so we were in NYC by 1pm. Of course it took us about an hour and a half to get to our hotel (crazy, right?!) which was right in Times Square. We got up to our room and I had to snap a few shots of our view:
Looking slightly to the right:
Straight ahead down below:
We didn't even unpack...we just put Avery in her stroller and decided to walk around! We had to stop by the tree in our hotel lobby:

It was FREEZING out! We did a good amount of walking, but had to duck into places here and there to warm up a bit. Avery was very excited to see these guys:
And even more excited: (have I mentioned her Elmo obsession lately?!)

Cool huge Xmas lights:
A shot of Radio City Music Hall:

Where The Today Show is taped:

One of our destinations...Rockefeller Center and the tree!! And no, we did not get to see it at night.

The skating rink:
Avery was quite the trooper and napped in her stroller. I can say she has NEVER done that (well, except when she was a newborn)...I think it was out of pure exhaustion because it was way past her naptime and we didn't stay at the hotel for her to sleep.

This is right outside of our hotel (hotel would be directly to your left):

Another huge billboard right by our hotel:
Right outside of our hotel...our hotel is at the far right of the picture:

The opposite end:
Gabe and Avery in Times Square:


One of our warm up places was Toys R Us (Avery missed it-she was napping!)...and this huge ferris wheel is set up inside of the store! It's crazy!
After walking awhile, we went to John's Pizzeria for dinner. It was very good! By the time we finished dinner, we headed back to the hotel and got Avery to sleep then we followed shortly after. I'm guessing we walked around for about 4 hours or so and like I said, it was really cold out so we did the best we could with the circumstances!

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