Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Festive Weekend

For the first weekend in December, it was quite a festive one!!

Last weekend, we went out and got our Christmas tree. We put it up last weekend, but it was quite the project to get it all decorated. What happened was that I bought new lights to put on it and 1 of the 3 boxes I bought were the wrong kind of lights. So we couldn't put ornaments on until I bought new lights. Since my only day off this past week was Friday, that was the first time I could go out and find any. Luckily Target had the ones I needed so the lights went up Friday afternoon. Friday night after Avery went to bed, we put the ornaments on the tree. Doesn't it look nice? I will say that Avery has been pretty good about the tree so far. She ignores the ornaments unless you point them out to her. Then she'll pull them off of the tree. But so far, so good....the tree is still standing!

Yesterday I did a lot of running around and preparing for a holiday party I hosted today. Then last night we had Gabe's work Christmas party at the Bausch and Lomb Wintergarden. They've had it there the past 3 years and it's pretty nice-limited open bar, food stations, and casino night. Unfortunately we didn't win any prizes (and haven't the past 4 years either!), but we still had a nice night out.

Yesterday Avery also sported her first set of pigtails! At Target on Friday I bought some rubber bands to try out. And with my luck, Avery is obsessed with tails ("Ta!"-Jerri's tail, my ponytail). So yesterday I said to her, "Avery, can Mommy put tails in your hair?" and she sat there and let me do it. When I showed her in the mirror, she got the biggest smile on her face and said/signed "MORE!" It was too cute! Now we just have to get Daddy doing pigtails for her! I will admit that they make her look so much older though!

"Show me your teeth!"
Today I hosted an ornament party at my house. This morning I was busy running around and preparing for that (some recipes to come!). The party started around 3:30 and lasted until around 6. It was very nice and despite the snowy weather, I think all but 4 people showed up! So as far as holiday parties go, I think we're done with them for this year already (well, besides family stuff on the actual holidays).

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