Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Friend-ly Day

Today Avery and I made a trip to Buffalo to see some friends for the holidays.

My friend Katie was in from Baltimore and she only makes it in once or twice a year, so I had to try to see her while she was in town! Since we were coming in for that, I decided to see what my other friends were up to since Xmas eve will be chaotic enough with just family events.

And the result?! We had a houseful and it was a blast!

First, Jessica and her son Connor came over.

Here they are "sharing":

I asked Connor to smile for the camera:

Hug #1...Connor wasn't very interested!

Avery playing with a toy truck my Mom had:

Connor's turn with the truck:

Trying to get a good one of them sitting together...

Hug #2-cute!

About 10mins after Jess left, Katie showed up with her son Roman! He wasn't too thrilled with the idea of sitting with Avery! Finally we got them within a few feet of each other:

Shortly after they came, Megan and her son Noah came and my friend Renee came as well. Like I said, a houseful! Here are the kids:

Everyone stayed for a few hours and it was great seeing all of them in the same day! It's always hard this time of year to see everyone and this year the stars aligned and we were all together! All I needed was my sister-in-law and we would have had my wedding party there which was pretty cool....that was probably the last time we were all in the same room together---2.5years ago! Wow!!

Thanks everyone for coming by-it was a lot of fun!

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