Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 2 in The Big Apple

Today we were up and out of the hotel by 9:30 to get sightseeing!

But first, a few more shots out of our hotel window....the hotel across from us:
And a little city view:

We decided to start at 5th Avenue to check out the shops!

St. Patrick's Cathedral:

View of the side:

The Cartier store (this was my favorite outdoor decor):

Fendi and Tommy Hilfiger:


Trump Tower:


We took a little detour from 5th and went up to 3rd to see Dylan's Candy Bar. Wow, this place was a candy heaven! Although it wasn't stroller friendly so Gabe stayed with Avery while I checked out the 3 story building! They had everything you can imagine! They had one area where celebrities picked their favorite candy and put it in an autographed box. I had to take a pic of the Yankees:

Our other detour was FAO Schwarz. We went in through some random side entrance we saw and thank God we did....when we left the store, the line to enter the store wrapped around the building and went almost all the way down the block! And the entrance we went in was blocked off so you had to wait in line. We got lucky because there was no way we would have waited. Anyways, the place was a mob scene-I have no idea how people shop in NYC because most stores we went into was wall to wall people. I don't know how you accomplish anything like that!

Here's a jellybean soldier in FAO:

A pic of the first floor craziness in FAO...again, it was a 3 story store.

When we left FAO, we passed Rockefeller Center again so I got another pic:

And I had to get one of my trooper in her pigtails!
When we left FAO, we stopped at Cafe Metro for lunch, which was pretty good. Then it was off to do more walking! We decided to go back to 5th Ave and work our way down to Macy's. Very close to Macy's was the Empire State Building...this is us right at it:

Family shot in front of the Empire State Building:

A view of it as we got closer to Macy's:


Macy's was pretty impressive inside. On 5th Ave, we really didn't go into too many stores, just looked at them from the outside. Macy's was decorated like you wouldn't believe. And the store is HUGE. It's 9 floors full of shopping and each floor is probably bigger than any Macy's you've been to. It's insane. This is the entrance (see all of the people?!):

The ceiling decorations (just one small section...the entire ceiling is like this):
We decided to take Avery to see Santa while at Macy's....little did we know it would take us an hour and a half to see him!! And the line to see him and the way they had it configured throughout the store was pretty went through office areas and wound around so many times-it was amazing! And in the end we found out there is more than one Santa working (ssssh!). Here is Gabe and Avery waiting in line:
Avery and I in line:

Finally within a few minutes of seeing Santa! At his train!

Inside the train:

Once you passed through the train, you entered The North Pole-more winding lines to wait in! Gabe, Avery and the tree:

A tree they had set up with a train around it:
Needless to say, when we made it to Santa, she didn't want to sit with him. So, we got a family photo of all of us with Santa with her just about ready to have a meltdown! Of course we didn't get one with our camera!
On our walk back, we hit up a bakery I spotted for some dessert later:

Can I have one of these for my next birthday?!

Then we went to dinner at Daniela Restaurant which was very good. After that, it was back to our hotel...

Like I said, we left around 9:30am and got back probably after 7pm. We did so much walking...I tried to map it out and it was at least 5miles! To give you an idea, we started at our hotel (Broadway and 48th) then made it to 5th and E60th (with some detours as well) then walked to Macy's with is at 34th, then back to the hotel. Avery was great being in her stroller most of the time and we were pretty beat by the time we got back!

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