Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Whirlwind

Christmas Eve tends to be a hectic day for us, and this year was no exception!

We left our house around 9:30am and headed to my Dad's house in Hamburg. We got there around 11am. Avery did some exploring and found a fish tank (here she is peeking through it): Here's one attempt of her pretty Xmas outfit:

and many failed attempts at a nice shot in front of my Dad's tree:

My Dad and Colleen made us a nice breakfast and we just relaxed and hung out. We did gifts last weekend when they came to visit us, so it was nice just sitting and visiting for awhile. Avery loved seeing the dog, Tasha:

and we got a decent shot of us by the tree-Dad, Avery and I:

After my Dad's, we went to my Mom's house. We put Avery down for a nap right when we got there and of course it took her forever to fall asleep. She did nap a little over an hour though, which is better than nothing. When she got up, we did gifts with my Mom (I didn't take any pics).
Then we went to my cousin's in-laws house for dinner. It was mass chaos-my cousin has two kids and her sister-in-law has three kids, plus Avery. So it was pretty chaotic with all of them there. Avery did share the shopping cart with one of the boys:

and she had a blast with this train that was set up!

We had a nice dinner, did some gifts there, took a quick family photo:

and a close up of my munchkin:

then headed out around 7:45. Gabe's friend was in Buffalo visiting his parents so we decided to stop by there real quick to say hello. It's been two years since we've seen his friend, so we had to take the chance while we could. We got there around 8 and stayed for about an hour. Then it was time to head home. Avery passed out in the car about 20min into our ride and slept the entire way home. We got home around 10:30, got her in her PJ's and she went right to sleep! Gabe and I followed shortly after, gearing up for Christmas Day!

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