Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year!

It was the first time in many years that we didn't stay overnight in Buffalo on Christmas Eve. We decided that now that we have Avery and she sort of knows what's going on, we'd like to wake up at our own house on Christmas morning.

And I have to say it was nice staying in our jammies until after noon!

Avery slept in until about 9am which was a treat for us! We got up and came down to see what Santa brought! But before we opened gifts, we had a quick breakfast-Mommy made some (store bought) cinnamon rolls. Then it was time to do gifts!

Avery was pretty interested in the first few gifts she opened from Santa...
Some play food:

Mommy and Avery:
Then her big Santa gift....

Which was a shopping cart!! After that, we checked out her stocking which had an ornament and crayons inside...well, once she saw the crayons, she didn't want to open anymore gifts! She wanted to color! We got her to open 2 more (drawing paper and markers) then we let her go ahead and color away! When she carried the box of crayons around, she kept putting her shoulders up like you can sort of see in this was so funny!

Playing with her shopping cart:

Pushing the babies:

She left 3 presents behind that she didn't want to open so we'll let her open them when she feels like it. Gabe and I did our gifts while she played. After lounging around and playing with her toys, we fed her lunch, and then she napped. When she woke up, we went to Gabe's parents' house for dinner and gifts.
Here's Owen opening a gift:

And Bianca (sorry it turned):
We got Bianca this Dora tent, and they set it up. Well, Avery must have spent an hour inside of it all by was funny! She pulled her new doll in there and just played with it all alone and was loving it!

And here she is with her doll's pacifier in her mouth:
And playing with her new baby doll:
I love this picture. I took this just as Owen was about to leave and we told Avery to give him a hug and they posed like this-I just adore it!
We had a wonderful dinner and received many great gifts. It truly was an amazing Christmas! I hope yours was too!
Merry Christmas!!

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