Monday, December 27, 2010

Eighteen Months!

I officially have a year and a half old daughter!

That just amazes me! When I say she's 18 months, it doesn't sound so bad, but to say she's a year and a half old?! Wow.

She's still a very good eater! She's not very picky at all with what we give her. She still loves her fruits and veggies, which I'm so thankful for! Lately she does not want to sit down to eat with us. It's a real struggle getting her into the high chair almost daily now. Even a booster seat she's not thrilled with (we tried on Xmas eve at my cousin's). I think she's just too interested in playing to sit down and have a meal, which makes it hard for us to sit down and have a meal. I'm hoping it's a phase that will pass soon!

Avery is still sleeping well-a good 11/12 hours overnight and her afternoon nap which ranges from 1.5 hours to 3hours. Can't complain about that one bit!

She seriously is like a little sponge. I swear there have been a few days that she learns a new word each just amazes me! She mimics so much that we do!

She got several dolls for Christmas and will hold them and rock them saying "wah, wah, wah" like they're crying. It's the cutest thing! She loves giving them their bottles and burping them.

Some new words this month: "mine", "see" (which to her means sit), "snow", "no", "pretty", "poo-poo", "hang", "Pat" (for Aunt Pat), "help", "blue". She also puts her finger to her mouth and says "ssssh". She really knows a ton of letters and if you ask her what they are, she'll tell you. She also can spell her name with some help. She has her name really big on her bedroom wall and if you point to the letters, she says them.

She has also started to tell us when she goes "poo-poo". Usually as she's going or right after, she'll tell us and point to her butt. It's pretty cute!

Since she's talking more, she's starting not to use her signs as much, which sort of makes me sad. Some words she always signs, like "please" and "thank you"-but she doesn't say those words yet. Some signs like "more" are starting to fade since she can say the word now. She's losing some of her baby-ish-ness. Makes me sad!

Here are some of the pics I took of her today:

Petting the giraffe:

These are my favorites of the bunch:

My little devil:

Smile for Mommy!

close up (love her eyes!):

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