Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Change #1 SUCKS

Remember my New Year's post and how I mentioned this would be the year for change??

Well, change #1 slapped us in the face Monday night....

....and it hurts like hell!

We got a text from our daycare provider that she needed to talk with us. I thought it might be specific to us, so out of curiosity I texted some other Moms and found out they had received the text as well. So what could it be?

I called her and she informed me that she was accepting a "real" job and would be closing up daycare in 4 weeks.

My heart crumbled.

It took us so long to find her the first time around and she was everything we were looking for (and more!).

I immediately felt stressed out. I knew how long this search took us the first time....months.

Yes, months.

And what do we have now? 4 WEEKS.

I'm sure you can imagine what I've been doing when Avery goes to bed and naps....yep, searching for daycare. I already contacted the Childcare Council and got a list and have been searching the NYS site like mad.

So far, I'm sort of discouraged and starting to panic.

I called about 10 people (we're trying to stick with in-home care if we can) so far-I left messages with 6 of them and they haven't called back at all. Three of them have no openings and one might have a spot. She's supposed to look into things and call me back. I've already burnt through my emailed list and most of the state site with no progress. It sucks.

We are meeting with one provider tonight that our current daycare provider suggested. She's brand new to the daycare scene and has a bunch of openings. I'm hoping it goes well!

What makes it harder is that we're so used to where we are going that everything and everyone will be compared to her. And I just don't know how they'll measure up.

One thing I'm thankful for is that Avery only goes there once a week right now (she was going to bump up to 2 days in March). Because of that, I don't think this will be as traumatizing to her as it might be to the kids who are there daily. But's very hard and I honestly hate going through this. I know the new providers are going to give us the answers we want to hear and it's pretty much a "gut" feeling if the place is right or not.


If this is how all of our changes are going to be this year, I don't want any more!

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