Monday, January 24, 2011

First Time Bowling!

After our play date Saturday, Avery took a nap, then it was off to meet our friends Julie and Richie (and their 2 kids Carly and Brayden).

What did we decide to do?! Go bowling!

The thought never would have crossed my mind with 3 little kids, but Julie suggested it, saying they have bumpers and ramps for the kids to use. We had no idea how it would go, but we decided to give it a shot.

And the kids LOVED it!

What we did was we got 2 lanes. One for the kids, one for the adults. We all played just a single game, which took about an hour. The parents took their turn, then ran to help their little one with their it kept us busy the entire time, but it was a lot of fun!

Here I am getting Avery's ball on the ramp for her: Trying to steady the ball and pick her up:

First roll!

Right into the pins!
Avery and Daddy:

Watching for her ball to come back:

Avery's turn is over!
Now it's Carly's turn!

The final scores:
Ok, want to hear the sad part?! My score was also an 89...yep, my daughter and I tied! Haha! I think the kids did better than most of us did!
After bowling, we headed out for a bite to eat at Friendly's.

For some reason right before we left the restaurant, Avery was obsessed with plugging her ears. She's never done it before, but seriously did it for at least 5min before we left. It was pretty funny!
So that was our busy day Saturday....Yesterday we met with another daycare in the morning, then I had a coworker's baby shower in the afternoon. After I got home, we just played with Avery until it was her bedtime, then we followed shortly after. It was a pretty busy weekend for us!

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