Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Poor Little Monkey

My baby girl is sick.

Tuesday when I picked her up from daycare, she looked very tired to me-which isn't unusual. She's at my in-laws on Monday and daycare Tuesday. And to be honest, she doesn't sleep well at either place. So by Tuesday afternoon, she's typically pretty wiped out and in need of some sleep.

When I brought her home, she felt warm to me, although when I took her temperature, it was fine. I went to the gym and when I came home, Gabe greeted me at the door with "she's sick". She didn't eat dinner and she had her head on his shoulder all evening and went to bed early. He said her temp was around 99 before bed.

Yesterday she woke up and seemed pretty good. Her nose was runny, but she wasn't warm to me at all. She ate breakfast, played, and acted pretty normal. She took a monster nap which was probably needed. We met with another daycare last night and while we were there, I touched her and she felt really warm to me. By the time we left, she had that sick look about her-just didn't seem like herself at all. Sure enough, her temp was 101.1 when we got home. We gave her some Ibuprofen and off to bed she went.

Today I got up and went to work (Gabe and Avery were still asleep when I left). I texted Gabe that if she stayed home (she was supposed to go to my in-laws again) to let me know and if need be, I'd come home. Sure enough he called and said her temp was over 101 again and she had her head on his shoulder since waking up. He gave her more medicine and she came around a little bit. I left work around 12:30 so that Gabe could go in for a little bit this afternoon. She was pretty miserable when I got home but I finally got her down for a nap. She's been sleeping about two hours now and we'll see what her temp is like when she wakes up.

I just feel so bad for her-she gets really quiet when the fever spikes and just gives you this look like "please do something for me". It breaks my heart. Luckily my day off is tomorrow so I won't have to miss work again if she's still under the weather. Hopefully that's not the case though!

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