Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Change #1 Still Sucks....

You probably remember my post about our first change of the year.

Well, that change still sucks!

I've spent countless hours searching website upon website.

Calling numerous people and not receiving many calls in return.

I think we met with 4 different providers....and loved one of them.

I stopped looking because I thought "this is it!" We found our other "home" for Avery and we were ready to go. So I called to set things up to get paperwork done and get the ball rolling for her to start.


She tells me she doesn't want any part-time kids.


Thank you for wasting my time. Thank you for lying to me when I asked if you would take her part-time and you said yes. Thank you for getting my hopes up only to crush them to pieces.

To add to this, yesterday was Avery's last day at her current daycare. It was sad picking her up there for the last time. It's sad knowing I won't be going back there again. But we made it through our goodbyes without a tear (somehow) and life will go on.

Avery is supposed to start a new daycare in 6 days.

And I have nowhere for her to go.

Daycare Gods, please send me something!

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