Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fun in the Snow!

Today we had absolutely nothing planned. I wanted to get out of the house in some way, otherwise it makes for a long day of being inside.

Avery's "old" daycare buddy, Amelia, was nice enough to lend us some snowpants (to take to her new daycare which basically requires them). I saw the sun shining outside and asked Avery if she wanted to go play in the snow. She of course said "Yesh!"

Now let me start by saying that we didn't buy her snowpants this year. We really had no intentions of her playing outside...mainly because we didn't want to be out there freezing with her! Yes, bad parents...shame, shame! I was going to buy them for her next year when she might be more into sledding, etc. But this year I knew she'd just be walking and that's it, so we didn't bother. And when we take Avery outside, we typically carry her from the door to the car. She really hasn't experienced snow much to our knowledge.

So, it was time to get her all geared up.... And out in the snow!! Here are her first few steps, checking things out!
Squinting from the sun!

At first she was hesitant and wanted to be carried a bit. The funny thing was that like 2 minutes after we came outside, so did our neighbors who have a 14mo. old! Didn't plan it or anything and the girls had a blast! As soon as they came out, Avery was all about walking around and exploring! Here she is walking up the neighbors driveway:

And running down it:
Going into a mound of snow:

Taking a seat:
I made her a few snowballs and she was in heaven! She kept asking for more!

We stayed out for over an hour. Near the end, she pulled her gloves off and was still touching the snow, so after a few minutes I took her inside. I didn't want her hands numb from the cold! Of course when we had to go in, she wasn't very happy! It was the perfect day to go out though-even though it was cold, the sun warmed things up and it was enjoyable!

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