Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Some Cousin Time

Today we got together with my Sister-in-Law and my neice for some fun! We haven't gotten together with them in awhile on our days off, but we got it to work this week. We decided to take the girls to The Sandbox. I took Avery once awhile ago (I think around her birthday) and I honestly don't even remember if she was walking when we went. So I knew today would be a new experience for her.

We started our morning with some breakfast. Avery tried one of the banana muffins I made and devoured it!
Then I ate something real quick and we were out the door! I think her and Bianca had a really good time running around and trying everything out.
Avery is a fan of slides, but only went down this one twice today for some reason. I think it was hard for her to get up the stairs (they were steep) so she avoided it.

They have two big bounce houses-one is a house, one is a slide. Avery wanted to go down the slide so bad, but adults can't go on it. There's a pretty tall ladder to climb up, then they have to sit down to go down the slide. I just couldn't see her doing it all by herself. Believe me, I would have joined her if I could-it looks like so much fun! So, we just had to enjoy watching Bianca go down instead!

Avery tried out the little crazy coup cars too! She still doesn't understand that she has to push with her feet though.
They played for quite awhile in the "sand" area-Avery loved it! I bet she was in there at least a half hour!

And for the first time, I let Avery go in the bounce house. I only did when there were no other kids in there and let me tell you, she LOVED it! The kid had a smile plastered on her face the entire time! I think she went in 3 different times and had a blast!

After all that playing, we all sat down and had lunch, although Avery wasn't all that interested in eating...she wanted to keep playing!! We stayed probably two hours or so and it was a lot of fun. And I'm happy to say that it wore her out and she took a nice nap this afternoon too (Molly, I hope Bianca did the same!).

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