Friday, February 18, 2011

What's Next?!

I'm starting to think that someone doesn't want us to sell our house. Or better yet, they want both Gabe and I to have a breakdown of some sort while doing it.

Everyone knows when you sell your house you have a lot to do to get it ready to sell. Decluttering, packing, and any other things that need fixing along the way.

We have a decent amount of painting to do-kitchen, sun room, hall going upstairs, our bedroom and the trim in all of those places. We also have to tackle our backyard and have a TON of landscaping done back there. This stuff we expected.

It seems like every week, something is happening to our house to create more work for I said, leading us to a breakdown soon!

We have a border in the kitchen that needs to come down and according to my Mom, must have been put up with super glue. She said she has never seen a border so hard to take down. She's already spent about two hours on it and maybe got 2feet of it down. Not fun. And how is this creating more work? Well, it's taking down chunks of our wall with it. Yeah, nice.

A few weeks ago we came home and noticed a funny colored mark on our wall going up our stairs. Over about 5 days, this mark grew to an enormous size. Yep, we're getting water behind the wall. So, not only does that wall need painting, but now it probably needs to be torn down and completely redone.

Our dishwasher shit the bed last week so now that has to be replaced. And let me tell you that life without a dishwasher SUCKS! God bless people that don't have them!

Then there's the latest.....yesterday we come home to find a huge gutter hanging off the back of our house. And it looks like it took some siding down along with it.

Do you see where the breakdown is about to happen?!

And did I mention our house is supposed to go up for sale in about....oh....2 months?!

How the hell are we going to get this all done?!

God give us strength....

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