Friday, February 25, 2011

Fall Softly

Today started like most days do....

Avery woke up, I got dressed and went in to get her. It was snowing really bad out, so we decided to stay in for the day. She had breakfast. We watched Sesame Street, which she loved. Did lots of playing. Then it was time for lunch. After lunch came nap time.

While she napped I got some stuff done around the house. Gabe got out of work early, so he came home shortly after 4. Avery was still asleep (surprisingly) so he went outside to do some shoveling.

It was getting close to 4:30 and I didn't want Avery to sleep ALL day long. So I headed upstairs to get her. Just as I was outside her door, I heard that she was awake. I went in to get her and pretty quickly she started saying "milk". She's pretty impatient so once she started asking, I took off her sleep sack and scooped her up and grabbed her sneakers in my hand. We headed downstairs....

And it happened....

I somehow missed the last step.

It happened so fast.

All I knew was my knees hit the floor hard and I was looking at Avery. Somehow my left hand clasped the side of her head, but it didn't matter.

I heard the thud of her head hitting hardwood floors.

And the scream that came out of her little body.

Again I scooped her up and ran to the front door. All I could hear was coughing and screaming. I flew open the door and banged on it loudly. Gabe came running in and I said, "I fell down the stairs with her."

We sat on the couch for what felt like an rubbing her head and kissing her repeatedly. I kept checking to make sure she was ok-can she move her hands? Move her legs? Is she bleeding from anywhere?

She cried. I cried.

I have always feared falling with her, especially outside when it's icy. That's the one thing I'm terrified of. Never did I think it would happen in our house. Something so silly. I go up and down those steps numerous times a day without thinking. I can navigate them in pitch dark and do that everyday I get ready for work. How did I miss a step?!

Thankfully she is fine. After she got the crying out of her system, she carried on like normal. I don't know what was worse-her hitting her head or how much it just freaked her out. I feel terrible about it.

Parents are supposed to protect their kids, not be the ones who harm them. I know it was an accident, but I still feel horrible. I'm just glad we're both could have been a lot worse.

So if you fall this weekend, may you fall softly....

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