Sunday, February 6, 2011


We had a pretty good weekend.

Friday Avery had an eye appointment to check on the tube in her left eye. It's still in place, which is a good thing, and all looks well. We'll go back in 3 more months for another checkup. After that, we met Gabe at another daycare to check it out. Then Friday night we didn't do much-had dinner and relaxed.

Saturday I went to the gym in the morning, then had to take my car in for an inspection and something that was recalled. After Avery's nap, we took a trip to the huge Wegman's, which we hardly ever go to. While there, Gabe and I picked up some stuff for dinner....he got some sushi and I tried one of their burritos from the burrito bar (highly recommend it!). Then we came home and had dinner. Avery got to try chocolate pudding as a treat for dessert!

Then today we just hung out most of the morning and early afternoon. When Avery napped, I got some things together for the Superbowl. Around dinnertime, Gabe's sister and her family came over for the Superbowl. None of us really cared about the game-we were busy watching the kids and interested more in the commercials. We had some yummy food and just relaxed and visited-it seems like we haven't seen them in such a long time!
Avery was wearing all of her rings as bracelets:

And was loving that her cousins were here (giving hugs):

I actually have off of work tomorrow-Gabe's parents are in Italy so I'm on Avery duty for the day! Hopefully her and I will make a trip to the mall!

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