Sunday, February 20, 2011

End of Another Weekend

We had another very busy weekend!

On Friday, Avery and I went to the library for story time...only to find out that it was cancelled. We ended up staying for over an hour and played in the play room. She still had a good time! After her nap, while playing, she decided to lie down for a bit-she would pretend to snore like she was asleep! It was so cute!
And she was having fun poking her head out of her tent and yelling, "Boo!"

Friday night I went to our cousin's house for a wine tasting party which was a lot of fun! It was good to have a girls night and get out of the house for a bit!
Saturday we went to Buffalo for the day. I met my friend Megan at Condrell's for ice cream (YUM) for a bit. It was nice visiting with her for awhile! Then Gabe and I celebrated Valentine's Day a little late...we went to Left Bank for dinner while my Mom and Aunt babysat for us. It was another delicious meal there. I don't think I've had a bad one yet! Definitely one of my favorite restaurants to go to!
This morning we had a playdate with Avery's old daycare crew. We got together and had breakfast and let the kids play. It was a lot of fun!
Here's Avery sitting at the kids table:

Avery and Josie (they'll be going to the new daycare together):

Amelia, Avery and Josie coloring on the windows:
Dance party time!

When Avery napped, I went grocery shopping. Then when she woke up, we all took a trip to Sam's Club. And now we're just winding down before bedtime and the start of another week!

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