Saturday, August 17, 2013


Today was Gabe's company picnic. And this year they hosted it at the zoo!

We had all day admission and the zoo closed to the public at 5pm, but was open just for us until 9:30pm. They also served us a buffet dinner there as well.

We didn't get there until just before 5pm. Today was also my nephew's birthday, so we had his kid party this morning and then Cassandra took a later than usual nap and didn't wake up until around 4:15. It was a little bit later than we planned on arriving, but honestly, we still got to see everything we wanted to. And it was the perfect day-not too hot and nice and sunny!

First on the list? Rhinos! They were both inside eating when we got there.
I'm really bummed about these next photos. The orangutan there had a baby and of course was in the worst position for me to get a picture of the cute little thing. And the fences don't help either. In this first one, the baby's head is right near the Mom's nose-she's giving it sort of a bear hug.
And in this one, right under the Mom's nose you can see light pink-that's the baby's mouth area-it's head is tipped back looking up at the ceiling.
As we were passing the tiger, one of the zookeepers came out and started feeding it some fish. It was really cool to be so close. She had it stand up a few times and it was neat to see that up close and see how big they really are.

The sea lions also have a little baby-I'm guessing this is the Mom and Dad, with baby lying between them (his head is in the middle there)

Avery and Bianca

Avery and Bianca with Owen peeking above!

Bianca, Avery and Cassandra
When we got to the lions, we also saw something pretty cool....the lioness was right on the other side of the glass-about 2 inches from you! That was pretty amazing! (and I have no idea why these photos turned on me). It was neat how she was so close, yet had no reaction to the people.
Avery and the lion

Cassandra and Avery

Cass, Avery and Bianca

And finally at the elephants...a family photo!
We stayed until around 8:30 or so and I think we were one of the last ones to leave the zoo! But we had a great time-the kids loved it!

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